A Daughter Will Forever Delight

August 27, 2020




How many kisses can we ever give to them?

And are there ever enough bear hugs to go.

They first appeared to us small and helpless,

And soon they are walking so tall and forceful.

There will always be a special spot with parents,

That only their loving daughters can ever fill up. 

We never get tired or bored with their moments,

And yes there will be many such taxing moments.

 Yet they will only create that unbreakable bond,

That will tie our very hearts from one to another.

 A day will not pass out of our many thoughts,

When a fond memory will bubble to the surface.

 For every parent has one goal in mind for children,

Happiness, love and all that it will bring to them.

 So we share both the heartaches and the laughter,

Asher life moves ever forward changing forever.

 Yet we have a confidence in how they will make,

The many choices that will have enter their lives.

 We foresee a woman capable and self assured,

Whether they may always feel that way or not.

 So we can rest our minds because this little girl,

Shall have become the women we have prayed for.


T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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