A Pint or Two

September 29, 2020


Yes a pint or two may have passed my lips,

And surely then my Irish tongue will waggle.

So it is then the words flow as a raging river,

Waters moving as the river Shannon to the sea.

Thoughts tossed about landing who can say,

Yet no less the importance of their meaning.

For a man must always say what’s in his heart,

And drinking a pint or two may loosen his mind.

So my love let me share my open heart with you,

And to say the words held so deeply in my mind.

How can mere words speak of such a true love,

When an eager falling heart longs to show you.

That there is no greater love on this green earth,

Then what my forever heart and soul feels for you.

Yet the moments and hours of each passing day,

Halt those words as time seems to consume me.

So my love I must stop listen and reflect today,

On the one and only one who now owns my heart.

And share those very words living within me.

Stopping my mind from finding its inner silence.

Yes my love for you is surely the forever center,

Of my world my life and the thoughts of my mind.

So let me for once just say what dwells in my heart,

For the mind can surely try to hold back thoughts.

I shall love you now my love and will forevermore,

You’re there as my body my mind and eternal soul.

As I hold you so close now within my loving arms,

And I softly whisper these very words of my love.

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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