Answers and Questions

September 25, 2015

Answers and Questions

Are there ever the right answers to be found,

When we are not ready to think of a question.

All the questions asked seem so complex to me,

So the answers are then beyond my knowledge.

Based on these observations of this dilemma,

Should I seek out the trappings of a simple life?

I could look for a place where no one questions,

And if not asked I feel no need to answer them.

The circular nature of my existing thesis intrigues,

Yet no one I know shows the least bit of interest.

So am I alone in my mind and spirit just spinning?

Or is there more purpose for me to fulfill this day.

For the days are then weeks and next year so on,

Time is not my enemy yet it passes me no comfort.

I feel there is the spark of life somewhere inside me,

Is it enough to ignite kindling in my heart into fire.

I give these random thoughts a measure like weight,

They have become a cumbersome burden to carry.

Is there not someone who will help share the load,

Maybe I just need to find the right answer for me.

So I now am back to find the correct question,

Great scholars before me have so pondered it.

Will I in my own simple humanity find this truth,

Or as I come near it flees as a vapor in the wind.

I know this Spirit calls out wanting to comfort me,

So let me answer the question so lovingly asked.

Yes I will receive you in my heart as my comforter,

Finding for me the question answered and peace.

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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