Conviction of Courage

August 16, 2020



I will continue to search until the world ends,

And then into the vastness of space forever.

For the truth lies somewhere in the vastness,

And I will know it as it appears before me.

As the light I seek enters my simple eyes,

And awakens me from within my very soul.

For there is goodness abounding before to see,

Yet I sometimes look beyond a simple truth.

Men shall be men forever as foretold long ago,

Yet I need not follow the footsteps before me.

I may choose my own path to follow,

And need not be as the masses.

They are wanderers of minds not their own,

But of other small men of little knowledge.

So clear your mind of all you may know,

And let the truth overwhelm you.

And you will no longer be a follower,

But take the banner of leadership.

And men will see within your heart,

The truth they have sought forever.

And they will find peace with themselves,

Knowing they have chosen a true path.

One laid upon the courage of conviction,

And the rebirth of a lost soul.

Where the courage of our living,

Is the example we seek so others may see.

T .Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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