Counting Stars

August 16, 2020



I sit alone counting the nightly stars high above,

As they are flowing through the infinite sky.

 They are pointing the way through the darkness,

For all the many weary earthbound travelers.

 Who have used these star guides from above,

For the passing centuries to many to add.

 So as all faraway lands were soon closer,

Guiding the ships sailing on foreign seas.

 Yet for all the purposes they have served,

We know little of them from that day to now.

 We have sought knowledge from them today,

From high mountaintops with mirrored glasses.

 And even from our view at the edge of space,

We are no closer to them than we ever were.

 So let us put aside now our eyes and minds,

As we seek only to observe their pure beauty.

 For maybe the role the stars have played for us,

Is to only let us realize their infinite vastness.

 So of all we may see and then we dream about,

And for all the beauty which fills our open eyes.

 And one may have just appeared that dark night,

To guide the three wise men to seek their King.

 The reason for all of their existence is answered,

As a reminder of who we are and whence we came.

T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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