Father's Day 2020

September 25, 2015

Father's Day 2020

Who is my Father?

Today is His day.

But who is he?

I believe I know.

He is the one,

Who walked with thorns.

He is the Way,

Thought in my way.

He was always there,

And I was here.

He spoke with melody,

I never found rhythm.

Among all my blessings,

He taught me most.

An instrument beyond myself,

He taught me speech.

Powerful things those words,

Strong enough to tear,

Soft enough to hear.

Forever in my heart,

Always in my soul.

A history of mystery,

A paradox within myself.

Is His name Jesus?

Was he my own?

Or was he else,

Simply nature I shunned.

This man cannot be,

Who speaks in benevolence.

Who laughs in love,

Who cried in pain.

Yet he stood still,

Thoughts without my stain.

Who is this man?

Many claimed to me.

Few rejected to be.

Where do I stop?

I love you, Pop.

I'll never stop questioning.

Winston Lee III

Winston first discovered his passion for Web Design in November 2013. His technical wizardry is marvelous, but he tends to forfeit his code in respect to his own poetic creed. He seeks to harmonize nature and technology.

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This website is dedicated to you, Pop

Love, Winston

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