Finding The Light

August 15, 2020



Who am I to pass judgment on others,

The role I have played is so flawed.

 The promise made had hope for us all,

But the road we walk is a crooked path.

 I try to stay on the path known to me,

Why do I falter when I have knowledge.

 To follow the mind is destined to fail,

For the heart knows the true path.

 Men have written volumes over centuries,

Guides to bring us to our inner light.

 I have tried many times to follow,

The way layed out by these prophets.

 But they are all the words of man,

Men born with the flaws of sinfulness.

 For given choices throughout our history,

Mankind always ends up in the darkness.

 The price of the light is surrender,

To admit to our minds helplessness.

 And then allow our hearts to guide us,

You must admit defeat to seek victory.

 Defeat is not to be considered our weakness,

Strength is to acknowledge our inner need.

 So I will stop and allow the light,

To shine into the depths of my soul.

 And only then will the peace offered,

Finding the path to enter our hearts.


T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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