Lad of Galway

September 21, 2020


His roots were of one born in county Galway,

As it lay near upon the wild western boiling sea.

 And yet one day he would have to to leave,

For there were no more fortunes left there.

 For the eldest son shall secure the farm land,

And the youngest be given to God's service.

 So with so little to be shared amongst them,

Those left in-between must surely look away.

 To seek a new life in strange faraway places,

Sometimes to be welcome but often times not.

  So we become the wanders of the good earth,

With the ships sails set in all new directions.

To separate each man he met as friend or foe,

And to wish for the hand his our own woman.

To seek a new place where two can then start,

A fresh life to begin in this our adopted land.

As a renewed life begins, as the old one fades,

The nights are always filled with magic dreams.

Of the memories of the green hills and valleys,

Of a land we once called out as our very own.

 As children come to ask of the old stories,

I will speak fondly of the Forever Isle of my heart.


T. Michael Daly (Pop.Irish)  

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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