My Children

September 15, 2020



How do we attempt measure a parent’s love,

Who can understand the unbreakable bond.

 Philosophers have pondered the question,

The answers are so complex and so elusive.

 I try thinking of the time before my children,

The memories are vague and unsatisfying.

 They have enriched my life in so many ways,

Whilst they tested my patience and endurance.

 From the small helpless cuddly sweet bundle,

To the high energy forever active toddler.

 Of course who can forget the awkward years,

And curse the days of the all knowing teens.

 We attempted to guide the unsteerable,

And one day they winged out of the nest.

 For another love had entered their lives,

Sometimes we welcomed sometimes not.

 Standing back to observe them from afar,

Knowing our words seen as weightless.

 Yet one day a call came for our assistance,

Are we no longer the interfering parents.

 Maybe looked at as weathered knowledge,

As we folded ourselves into a new role.

 Soon the magic of a new life appeared,

We graduated from parents to grand.

 So the cycle has come around complete,

As our children usurped us as parents.

 The time moved faster than summer lightning,

As I try to relax into enjoying my new life.

T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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