My Seaside Bonnie Home

September 24, 2020



Oh to my dear sweet Irish lass,

Do you feel the taste of green?

 For as the sun will rise so gently,

The greenest hues ever glowing.

 For I am home again in Ireland,

Where all the old bones they lie,

 For I’ve ever known I would return,

To my rich native soil again today.

 For once you’ve ever touched her,

You always yearn then to return.

 So from all visited distant lands,

The glow of home it never fades.

 For the red blood of all the Irish,

Are ever stained upon my heart.

 So as I hold her close to me,

My sweet emerald island home.


T. Michael Daly (Pop. Irish)

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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