Our One Time Love Found

August 14, 2020



There is a bright serenity I am now seeking,

Yet eternal darkness pervades my very soul.

 Answers floating just beyond my seeking hand,

As they are consumed by the mist and taken,

 Is there a portal to the far past to escape to,

Where a peaceful time of love and harmony

 Exists and hearts look to words spoken lovingly,

And we danced among the flowers in the fields.

 The sunshine was as welcome to us as the moon,

For both the light and darkness were as one to us.

 There is that one heart somewhere waiting just for me,

And somehow I have always known of its existence.

 So as one lost soul searches for another one seeking,

There is no sense of despair for fate will soon intervene.

 Be aware of only this one lifetime to you are to find,

Fir it is not a mystical illusion I seek but a true reality.

 Love may seem difficult like catching a burning comet,

As it streaks across the clear nighttime sky above us.

 But the time will magically appear to each of us when,

For we so know that this is the soul we connect with.

 For in our lifetime that moment will become clear to us,

The answer for both our hopes and our dreams appear.

 So rest in the peace knowing time will show each of us,

A forever light that will dwell in both of us glowing as one.


Our one time love.


T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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