Our Summer Nights Long Ago

August 14, 2020



Some nights I can still enjoy the most pleasant of,

My dreams of the magic summers now so long ago.

When we shared all those many hot summer nights,

They were to last forever for they were ours only.

And we dreamed of catching the many fiery bolts,

Of summer lightning so high in the brightened sky.

The kind of lightning where there is never a sound,

For the distant thunder claps lived so very far away.

There was the innocence of youthful fresh kisses,

And the lips that touched only spoke of the truth.

For that was the time of the first and forever love,

As if we were two alone in the Garden of Eden.

For our love was true from only one to the other,

And the bold freshness was as the first new spring.

For the flowers blooms had such color and texture,

As untouched as the two young lives sharing them.

So whenever I feel now the darkness so prevailing,

I only have to look lovingly into my forever bottle.

And then slowly remove the cap and release my mind,

And I once again I can relive those summer lightning's.

Back to when we would sit together and just count,

The bright stars as they blinked at only us from above.

And the fireflies played tag against the cool night sky,

We then wondered where they all went in the sun light.

So as the many years have quickly passed before us,

Those fond loving memories remain locked in my soul.

T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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