Shamrocks for Herself

September 21, 2020



My loving earth has been preparing itself,

For yet another warm summer awakening.

 Having slept through the long cold winter,

Seeds happily begin to stir within the soil.

Soon the many new shamrocks with emerge,

To greet the warm summers rays of sunlight.

 As each lad searches the green fields today,

Wishing to secure the first to open clover,

 For it is to Himself a rite of Irish passage,

To present a lass, his bouquet of green.

 To a girl whose green eye he hopes to lure,

And for his works just may secure a kiss.

 Aye but to see the young mind work today,

And look within his beating heart so deep.

 For the Irish have set the worlds standard,

To win the heart of their one true love.

 So lads go merrily forth this grand day,

And scour the lovely fields and glens.

 And then will secure for Herself just now,

The love the magical shamrocks will bring.


T. Michael Daly (Pop.Irish )

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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