Sometimes a Heart Will Never Sleep

September 15, 2020



We all live in a time of great turmoil and strife,

Is there a clear sanctuary we can seek to find?

 The many forces that pull upon us are subtle,

We see changes yet seem to be so harmless.

 The world has moved quickly ever forward to

Leaving those behind all who do not conform.

 Can I stand to speak for those who are silent?

Have they asked me to be an advocate for them?

 I don’t know the inner thoughts of their minds,

Yet they seem in an internal dilemma of silence.

 There are powers and forces to be challenged,

Who will pick up the sword of righteousness?

 I fear for the lack of leadership and conviction.

When timid hearts prevail and valor sits alone,

 So is there an answer to the times we live in.

Yes and we must all raise the banner of freedom,

 Let no man stand alone but all gather together,

In the strength of our many numbers there is.

 Found the strength of many hearts joined as one.

I fear not death or the pain of being defeated,

 I fear the lack of heart and soul to enter the conflict.

So we must all seek the moment of clarity to see,

 And the fortitude to act upon what we have seen,

So who am I to call my fellow man to bear arms?

 No one of consequence just a man who is so tired,

The inequities can no longer stand but must fall.

 For the very heart and souls of each of us are at stake,

And the children we have brought forth are to be saved.

 So I beseech you one and all to stand strong and firm,

Against all the tyranny and subversiveness against us.

 For strength lies in the joining of many to stand firm,

As truth and will be the banner we shall carry forth.

T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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