Soul Mates Found

August 16, 2020



For each star in the heavens above there exists,

Another star to be the one to match and to bond.

 Just as the eagle takes a mate for their lifetime,

And never looks to find another to replace her.

 So it is the time we search for that one person,

That we have chosen to call our forever soul mate.

 Are we destined to live our lives alone or together,

Finding one heart that beats in rhythm with ours.

 Therein lies the mysteries of love and the universe,

As in my lifetime I have been seeking the answers.

 Does it lie just beyond the soft breaking waves,

As the shoreline welcomes each crest of foam.

 I sometimes walk along the quiet lonely beach,

Looking for two shells which not alike but joined.

 The sky seems so filled with the white clouds aloft,

And some come close touch and then join as one.

 I do not choose to walk the seashore alone today,

Yet I seek for that someone to hold my waiting hand.

 I know that time is of no matter in the world of fate

For when she appears I will know herby her touch.

 And there will be no need to form the spoken word,

For we will see our love in each other’s eyes alight.

 And if this lifetime does not offer my dream to be,

Then I will return once again to seek and find her.

 For I have seen her deep within my heart many times,

And with this wish one day she will appear to find me.

 For love is a part of the magic of this life we live,

And one day soon all dreams will be answered.


T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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