The Lifeline

October 18, 2020



I’ve traveled many miles in this short lifetime,

Seems like it would have been even faster.

 If my damn paths had not had so many forks,

They say the easiest and fastest way is a line.

 The line is straight, no bumps, curves or exits,

So I want to think the line was my first choice.

 Who are these people who entered my path,

I did not choose them they chose to have me.

 So I lay responsibility where it aptly belongs,

They had a choice to do their best or just do.

 So they did and in the wake is a twisted wreck,

Forgoing the blame as the errors move forward.

 Is there then a time to stop and just look back,

The reality of life doesn’t change nor disappear.

 It just moves forever forward creating its wake,

The waves are soft and calm or they are crashing.

 I see the primates’ use stones as the first tools,

They have learned from their parents teachings.

 By example they see then a lighted path ahead,

Are we so far removed from a primate to follow?

A child was to be born from two parents love,

Not having been asked but wanted by both.

 A price is to be paid to raise these children,

It should be a joyous payment so rewarding.

 These are things as a child I do not remember,

So I will write them down as a lesson forward.

 Do not be as I am but change, seek to change,

Your children deserve all the rewards you offer.

T. Michael Daly (Pop. Irish)

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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