There Are Friends In Your Life

August 28, 2020


 There are friends in your life,

Sealed in your memories forever.

 Even when they leave suddenly,

They are never out of your mind.

 Thoughts float as in a rough sea,

And each waves crest leaves me alone.

 Yet I can gaze into the open sky,

And see their face sin the clouds.

 Friends looking down upon me alone,

Holding out their hands of love.

 Some day we shall all join again,

As brothers all sharing our love.

 But for now I just have my thoughts,

And they shall sustain my soul.

 For although I feel alone now,

Others will fill my empty heart.

 Yet no one can replace them,

Unique friends for they are.

 As each being one of a kind alone,

So I cherish each one who’s gone.

 And I know a handholds them,

As one day He will hold us all.

 For there is a Spirit in the air,

And as I breathe in I sense it.

 A closeness of those who are gone,

While our souls still touch one another.

 So they are never very far away,

I only need to ask for a memory.

 And they stand beside me again,

For brothers never lose one another.

 They are just in different places,

And are existing in other times.

 So until we are once again rejoined,

I give you up to the welcome Heavens.

My friends who’ve passed before me,

Are just waiting for me over the cloud

T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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