Aging With Grace

August 27, 2020



Aging with grace can have a steep downside,

Friends have left us and our hearts are empty.

Time has moved past so quickly as a comet,

Yet all the stars remain in place in the sky.

I look to heaven to find the answers I seek,

For my humanness always clouds my vision.

I shed my many tears and they fall in vain,

For the time is moving by me as an instant.

So I long to spend more lasting moments now,

With the friends who have shared their lives.

Humor, tears, laughter and those heartfelt hugs,

We have shared them and exposed our very souls.

Yet there is some solace I have envisioned today,

For we will all surely meet again in another life.

So I shall weep again but the tears dry quickly,

For knowing my friends once again I will see.

So I will find joy once again in each new day,

For their lives that promise we all can share.

So take a moment today to send a message,

To that friend you think about this very day.

I have lost anymore words to share with you,

So you may finish this message by yourself.


T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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