Connecting Souls

September 13, 2020



The soul is a very curious thing tome,

It seeks love, peace and tranquility.

Yet it lives in a world we have made,

Filled with hate, death andpestilence.

Where is the light to warm the soul?

Only the cold darkness fills theland.

Men of goodwill fall to the wayside,

The strength to stand alone sodraining.

It tears the flesh from our verybones,

As we stand so very naked to betaunted.

By those men seeking power over all,

To serve only the needs of theirflesh.

So I will look into the eyes andhearts,

Of men who have not abandoned theirsouls.

For throughout the darkness ofdaylight,

Men of virtue still walk among us.

When we look beyond our own needs,

I seek to put out my hand to another.

And when I find them we will look,

Through each other’s open eyes.

And the reflections shall set usfree,

For beyond our eyes our soulsconnect.

And I shall call him my brother,

And then step out again to seek.


The next soul to call my friend.

T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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