The Edge of Darkness and the Light

August 31, 2020


I feel like I’m standing on the precipices edge,

The bottom of the proverbial pit is before me.

 I have always been one to seek the sunshine,

Rainy days were an interlude for the plants.

 Yet the clouds I see now are in the minds of men,

They are dark and foreboding without warmth.

 A kind word is sticking to the lips of everyone,

A tongue no longer able cast about goodness.

 Mired as we are in a time of total turmoil without,

All of the sacred institutions meant to guide us.

 Wise men wallow in their stupidly by their choice,

When true answers written many years ago are lost.

 Empathy is a word which has been banished today,

As the blood flows from the wounds of men’s hearts.

 There is a light and it has shown upon us forever,

Yet we seek the darkness to dwell and at this time.

 We are faced with choices to put aside what we,

Known to be the false prophets filled with venom.

 This poison consumes our souls and our minds,

We no longer ask the questions but just follow.

 Leaders are sworn by nature to protect the weak,

Yet children live a life of a childhood without joy.

 Who will pick up the banner to move us forward,

Surely we shall not blindly follow the charlatans.

 The men of good will must surely prevail for us all,

To lead with mind and heart carrying us with them.

 I look for these souls to come forth and become,

The redeeming light to restore and nourish us all.


 We know who will bring us the light if we just ask,

And He shall be called by His name Emmanuel.


T. Michael Daly

T. Michael Daly

My name is T. Michael Daly.

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